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There is a silence In every word 

it begins with 

and ends with 

theres a silence in everyone’s heart, keep it shut 

in everyone’s mind, tightly shut 

which they will blame their weak heart

but it captivates them into sorrow

they will see black, before the silver 

and never see their own color

there will be a wave of notion

that will make you sad you never move

anything but the clenching of your heart 

it will reach and ache in places that never existed 

and it will see into depths that are endless 




I’ve been treating myself so badly, having been so greedy. feeding my needy little fingers.
My slimy pink tongue drys up white and rough like coral and I just pray, terrified my insides don’t look the same.
Pray that my brain isn’t sick or decaying.
I always say to myself after the carnage, I will tend to my swollen organs, my black veins and hallucinations.
But I am afraid of everything falling flat, and life losing its full round belly.
To really taste the decomposition encompassing my lips.


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